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 Optical color glass filters
By utilizing our engineering expertise in optoelectronics, we can design filtered glass to meet your transmission and absorption needs, whether for infrared, ultraviolet or visible light.
 Molded glass components
We produce lenses for digital imaging equipments as well as press molded aspheric lenses, polished aspheric lenses, and molded optical components of various shapes which require advanced technology.
 Optical glass materials
Low melting point glass for press molding, high refractive index glass with low dispersion, and so on are available to your order. Please consult us for your specific needs.
 Melting, molding and finishing
By having melting furnaces in our factory, we offer you higher quality products produced by our continuous production operations from mixing materials to finished products. We comply with your requests for special process and finish of optical glass components for optical fiber communications, precision optical devices, optical laser devices and so on. OMG complies with your requests to develop such optical components as lenses for the digital audio visual fields, repressed aspherical lenses and others which require high technology.
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2013.3 IR+UV Expo

IR, UV+Visible Light Expo


IR, UV+Visible Light Expo

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IIR, UV+Visible Light Expo

2012.4 Introduction of UV transmittance optical glass
2011.1 IIntroduction of Diffusers
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