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Optical color glass filters
Molded glass components
Optical glass materials
Melting, molding and finishing
Quality Assurance System
Optical spectrometers and development data
Gauges and instruments
New Product Infrmation
UV transmittance glass
UV & Near IR cut high contrast lens
    From prototypical product developments to mass production
Having optical glass melting equipments in our own factory, OMG Company comply with your needs from mixing materials to producing final products. Further, OMG contribute to the cost reduction of your products with high yield rates despite full strict inspection of the products at every step of the production process under our full control system from raw materials to final products.
Typical instruments used for filter developments
《Optical spectrometers》      
made by Shimadzu Corporation   made by Hitachi, Ltd.  
OMG company produce and manage development data for you
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