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Company outline
Name OMG CO., LTD.
Founded August,1942
Established as a company June, 1943
Capital \50,000,000
Fiscal year end March
Number of employees 30
Membership in organizations

Japan Optical Glass Manufacturers' Association
Osaka Glass Manufacturers' Association
Osaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Licenses Osaka Prefecture Medical Equipment Marketer
METI(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Quality household goods maker No. SU-7207
1942.8 Founded as a glass manufacturer
1943.6 Established as a company
1945.4 Absorbed by Shimada Glass Co., Ltd. (now Toyo Glass Co., Ltd.)
1949.10 Incorporated with \2,000,000 capital
1953.4 Became independent from Shimada Glass Co., Ltd. Moved, as Osaka Megane Glass Co., Ltd., to Kami-Kuratsukuri, Hirano-ku, Osaka.
1967.3 Capital increased to \6,000,000
1973.3 tarted manufacturing and sales of camera filters
1982.4 Started manufacturing and sales of parts for optical and laser equipments.
1985.2 Started trial manufacturing and sales of sunglass lenses with 100% UV-IR absorption.
1988.4 Started manufacturing and sales of laser protective glasses and goggles.
1990 Started electric furnace melting
1991.8 Started manufacturing and sales of UV-400nm absorption lenses
1991.11 Capital increased to \12,000,000
1994.12 Started marketing high contrast lenses
1996.2 Started production and sales of color enhancer filter for cameras.
1998.7 Started production and sales of sharp cut filter capable of absorbing 100% ultraviolet light.
2000.6 Company name changed to OMG CO., LTD.
2000.7 Started manufacturing and sales of heat absorbing glass.
2000.8 Started developing aspherical lenses and ball lenses.
2001.3 Capital increased to \24,000,000.
2003.4 Started manufacturing and sales of molded glass parts.
2003.6 Marked the 60th anniversary of the founding of company.
2003.9 Capital increased to \50,000,000.
2004.4 Became a member of Japan Optical Glass Manufacturers' Association.
2006.7 Started manufacturing and sales of Polished Aspheric Lens.
2007.1 Started manufacturing and sales of Low Tg Optical Glass.
2007.1 Started manufacturing and sales of Organic Electroluminescence Glass.
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