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UV & NIR Cut High Contrast Lens ( made to order )

UV & NIR カット・ハイコントラストレンズ
UV & NIR カット・ハイコントラストレンズ

特 徴

Cuts Ultra Violet Rays, UV-A, and UV-B, which are harmful to human eyes, by 99% based on the ANSI and ISO Standards.

Cuts Near Infrared Rays, which cause heat and warm sensations, by more than 90%, resulting in less heat around the eyes.

Provides wearers high contrast keeping a good RGB balance by absorbing lights at a rapid 528nm or 585nm, and by moderately absorbing blue lights which cause blurring.

Provides wearers neutral color tones by incorporating color contrast and RGB color balance.

Strengthened by chemical tempering and clears crashworthiness standard of such as the ISO.

Made lighter with a thickness of 1.5mm while maintaining proper property and crashworthiness.

Technical Data
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