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Having optical glass melting equipments in our own factory, OMG Company comply with your needs from mixing materials to producing final products. Further, OMG contribute to the cost reduction of your products with high yield rates despite full strict inspection of the products at every step of the production process under our full control system from raw materials to final products.
Typical instruments used for prototypical lens development and inspection
Surface roughness and outline shape gauge》
《DR-M4 multi wavelength Abbe Refraction》
This refraction measures refractive index・Abbe figures (vd, ve) by changing wavelength within the range of 450 - 680 nm. The measured figures and value are shown digitally by way of setting sample to the prism surface and by way of setting boundary line of refraction field to an intersection of cross lines by using a source of light and an interference filter coming with the gauge.  
Refractive index :1.5164〜1.9164
Refractive index :1.4700〜1.8700
Refractive index :1.4558〜1.8557
Accuracy Refractive index : ±0.001
(Using test piece of 500 - 650nm coming with the gauge)
Ranges of wavelength 450〜680nm
※ Using an interference filter
《Spectrometer by Nikon to measure refractive index 》
The spectrometer measures refractive indices and Abbe numbers from Gamma rays of mercury(435.83nm)to hydrogen line(656.27nm)by autocolimation method. Metrology is done on the basis of a vertical angle and an angle of refraction of the prism.
Measurement accuracy ±10 x 10-5〜±3 x 10-5
《Projector for striate inspections》
《Inspection telescope for resolving power and optical parallel of lenses》
《Lens collimator》   《Surface stress gauge for large size sheet glass》
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